How To Clean and Disinfect Your Cups

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Are you just cleaning your Cups or are you Disinfecting them? What’s the difference?

Cupping Products can be considered Semi Critical Medical Devices because even though most commonly are in contact with intact skin, there is the chance that the skin may become compromised and the cups may be exposed to microscopic blood and bodily fluids.  For this reason, High Level Disinfection is required.

High Level Disinfection

7.5%  Hydrogen Peroxide has been cleared by the FDA and CDC as a High Level Disinfectant. But 7.5% Hydrogen Peroxide is not what you buy at the store. This is a much higher concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide. We recommend SPOROX II as a High Level Disinfectant and it is easy to buy on the internet.  Sporox II reports it can be reused for up to 21 days. SporoxII is compatible with Plastics, Polycarbonates, Silicone and Rubbers.

Not only is Sporox II reported to remove trace amounts of blood and bodily fluids, the following Microorganisms are reported to be inactivated by proper soaking in Sporox II.





  • Soak Cups. When finished using, submerge your cups in warm soapy dish detergent water. Let them Soak until you are ready to clean them. This will help keep the lubricants (oils, lotions, creams) and other particles from sticking to the cups.
  • Clean cups with dish detergent soap, rag, sponge or soft scrubbing device
  • Rinse Cups
  • Dry Cups well to prevent microbial growth.  It is recommend to Dry your Cups completely before Disinfecting them.

STEP 2- High Level Disinfection

(Instructions taken from the Manufacturer of Sporox II)

  • READ WARNINGS & PRECAUTIONS prior to using any 7/5% Hydrogen Peroxide Product.
  • Apply Rubber Gloves prior to opening the Sporox II.
  • Pour Sporox II Container into your Basin (soaking container) . If using small basin, then only pour amount that fits in your basin.
  • Apply a Date Label to your Basin.  Your Sporox II can be reused for up to 21 days.
  • Soak for 30 Minutes in Sporox II for High Level Disinfection.  Soak for up 6 hours for sterilization.
  • Remove the Cups and Rinse Thoroughly
  • Dry with Towel or place on rack to air dry
  • Store your cups in a closed dry container to prevent bacteria and airborne contaminants.