Why The Silicone Matters

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There are so many varying types of silicone cupping products on the market and if you have taken the time to look around, you have probably questioned why some are clear and cloudy, why some are really cheaply priced and some you pay a premium for.  And,  if you have tried some of these varying cupping sets, then you probably have even more questions like: Why are these cups so flimsy, Why are these cups so firm, Why can this cup create a strong suction and this cup can’t?  Keep working with these cups and even more questions generally come to mind.

What we see the most with silicone cupping sets is varying degrees of softness called durometer,  varying types of silicone, varying curing agents used and varying prices.

So let’s tackle the basics.

Cupping Warehouse Branded Silicone Products don’t even use just one type as each cup style requires something a little different to provide the best suction for the design of the cup.

The Cupping Warehouse Supreme PRO Line uses Liquid Platinum Cured Medical Grade Silicone.  By using the liquid silicone and curing it with Platinum, we are able to create a super transparent clear cup that is purer, clearer, has more flexibility and stretch. These cups are engineered with a thick wall and our proprietary varying degrees of durometer between 60 and 65 for the 6065 series and between 55 and 60 for the 5560 line.  And of course, you will see we are not the cheapest due to the Platinum, but it makes a huge difference and it’s worth it.

Typically one would say the higher the degree of durometer the harder the cup is, but there are more variables to consider.  For example if the walls are thick and a high degree of durometer is used, then the cup will typically be able to provide stronger suction, but in return, it will require more hand power rather than finger squeeze. However, if the walls are thinner and an even higher degree of durometer is used, then it might even be easier to squeeze with fingers rather than requiring a firm hand squeeze.

So,  durometer by itself doesn’t completely determine the ease of use of the cups as there is more to take under consideration.

The Cupping Warehouse GRIP Classic Line is manufactured with solid food grade silicone of the highest grade series 9 silicone which allows these cups to be transparent with flexibility and stretch.  These cups are manufactured with a thinner wall and our proprietary 65 to 70 degree of durometer for the 6570 line.

If a lower food grade silicone is used such as the series 3 silicone then typically the cups will have a cloudy or milky look to them.  Some cups even have thin walls and lower degrees of durometer causing the cups to collapse during treatment.

Hopefully this basic introduction to Why the Silicone Matters will help you better understand why all the cups are not created equal and why results vary.


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