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Hard Plastic Cups with Pump Gun

Hard Plastic Cups with Pump Gun

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What you will learn here

  • How to Apply these cups
  • How to Create and Release Suction
  • How to Clean your cups



  • Our Cups are designed for Professionals and can also be used for Home Use with lighter suction. Chinese Cupping is an ancient art and is performed by Chinese Medicine Doctors and Acupuncturists. For Home User's that is much too advanced.  
  • Some Professionals and Most Home Users find the cups difficult to use until they are trained on each cup. Once familiar with which cups to use, how to apply and release suction, and for what reasons to use the cups, Professionals and Home Users have rated our cups as their #1 Favorite.
  • When there are tissue adhesions, stagnation, or energy blockages, you will feel a burning and or sometimes stinging feeling in the tissue under the cup.  The area can also turn pink, red, purple, burgundy in solid colors or in specs or spots. This is typical of cupping and does leave the marks for an unspecific time period after removing the cups.  Discolorations can last anywhere from a few minutes, few hours , few days or even a week or two depending on how dark the discoloration is and how long it takes your body to filter out the debris. If you are not familiar with this, please go back to the Member's Area front page and click on "It looks like a bruise but not a bruise".  
  • These cups can be placed on the skin and left in one place for a  3-5 minutes or can be applied with less suction and moved or massaged around with lubrication.
  • Make sure you have read the Warnings and Contraindications from the Member's Area Home Page before using the cups for the first time.
  • Always remember to never apply or massage the cup over any superficial arteries. We have a diagram of the arteries on the Warnings and Contraindications page and are also available on google images.

Plastic Cup

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  • Place the cup flush on your skin with the  top exposed
  • With the cup flush on the skin, attach the pump gun to the top of the cup as seen in the second picture to the left
  • As you squeeze the finger pump on the gun, the Negative Pressure or Suction should cause the cup to stick to the skin and the tissue to raise into the cup.
  • Depending on the strength of the cup or the suction, for home use, you will most likely only use 1 or 2 finger pumps. Professionals may use stronger suction, but they are trained for more advanced treatments.
  • To remove the cup.  Gently Pull up on the blue top and the suction will be released. If the suction is stronger and all the suction is not released, you can apply a finger under the rim of the cup where it touches the skin and press the skin in. The cup will pop off then.

Now that you have learned to a little about how to apply your cup with suction, make sure you visit the Warnings & Contraindications Page prior to beginning. To view these plus more information visit the Members Area cupping page.


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