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Cupping Warehouse 20 Cup Chinese Massage Polycarbonate Professional and Self Care Cupping Therapy Set with Pump Gun-Extension Tube-Remove-able Silicone Valve-Clear Cups with Soft Carrying Case




One of the Only Pump Gun sets available which can be disassembled for proper disinfecting and appropriate for clinic use. Remove-able Silicone Valve for proper disinfecting. Made of Super Strong Polycarbonate designed to hold up to rough and tough conditions. Polycarbonate is used in bulletproof vests to give you an idea how strong and durable these cups are. Breakage shouldn’t be a concern.


    • CUPPING WAREHOUSE CUPPING SET: Trusted International Cupping Therapy Set Provider. This is not your typical Plastic Cupping Set. This set is made of super strong Polycarbonate which is designed to hold up to rough and tough conditions. Airplane Glass is made of Polycarbonate and that gives you an idea of how strong and durable these cups are. No more replacing broken cups!
    • YOUR CUPPING KIT INCLUDES: Suction Cupping Cups- 20 Polycarbonate Super Strong and Durable cups with Silicone Tops for Strong Suction Hold, Easy Release and hold up to cups falling on the floor + Pump Gun + Extension tube + Blue Zippered Bag +Written Instructions. Polycarbonate is a very strong plastic that can be boiled and designed to withstand heavy use and abuse. Designed especially for high volume Health Professionals, and also Home Users. We stand behind our product 100%.
    • TRUST THE CUP THE PROFESSIONALS USE: Professional Cupping Set: Strong, Durable, Made to Last and has great suction!Clear to see the tissue for cupping therapy.
    • NO NEED FOR LONG DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE THAT WILL CAUSE SORENESS: A few minutes of cupping can most often create faster and better lasting results than a deep tissue massage. YOU DESERVE BETTER! Cupping aides in Cellulite Reduction, Reshaping after Weight loss, Increases Circulation, Increases Collagen, Pain Relief, Chinese Cupping, Massage, Trigger Point, Myofascial, Lymphatic, Muscle Spasm, Arthritis & Arthritis Pain Relief, TMJ, Modern Cupping.
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Professionals trust us and you can too. Basic Instructions included

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Weight 2 lbs

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