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Cupping Warehouse Glass Lymphatic Drainage Body & Face 5 Lymphatic Massage Cupping Therapy Sets with Pump Bulb

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  • CUPPING CUPS THE PROFESSIONALS USE. Cupping Warehouse has been supplying healthcare providers for years for clinic/spa use and Patient’s Home Use. Our Glass Lymphatic Cups are engineered with a hand squeeze bulb which allows you to obtain featherlight suction when needed for lymphatic drainage or deeper suction when performing other cupping treatments. KNOW YOUR CUPS!
  • YOUR CUPPING SET INCLUDES: 5 Glass Cups with Squeeze Bulbs: Sizes: Size diameter Ø: 0.90 Inch(23mm);1.29 Inch( 33mm );1.69 Inch(43mm ); 2.08 Inch(53mm);2.48 Inch (63mm)
  • Cups are Hand Blown for delicate treatments like lymphatic drainage, facial cupping and more. Each cup had a removable squeeze bulb for easy cleaning.
  • Trusted Original Brand: Used by Industry Professionals when maximum results with minimal effort are desired.
  • CUPPING WAREHOUSE TM: TRUSTED INTERNATIONAL CUPPING THERAPY SETS are the chosen brand by Olympians, Athletic Trainers, Professional and College Sports Teams, Amateur Athletes, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Chinese Medicine, Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers, Estheticians and Home Users.


Cupping Warehouse Lymphatic Massage Cupping Therapy sets Glass 5 with Squeeze bulbs.

These cups are designed for the delicate light Lymphatic Drainage Treatments.

The amount of suction is determined by the amount of squeeze applied to the bulb.

These cups can be applied with deeper suction, but are designed where you can adjust your squeeze to be able to get that feather light suction needed for drainage.


  • Cleaning and Disinfecting – High Level Disinfection Required. (Bacteria, Mold, Spores, Virus and Trace Amounts of Blood). You can clean your cups with warm soapy water, but to disinfect your cups, Hydrogen Peroxide at 7.5 % Dilution for 30 minute soaking is recommended after cleaning. Household bleach does not provide high level disinfection. (Wear gloves to avoid contact with the hydrogen peroxide) Hydrogen Peroxide is cleared by the CDC as High Level Disinfectant and has shown to be safe for cupping products.

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