Cupping Warehouse Grip 4 Facial Cupping Set -Professionals and Self Care for Face Eyes Lips Neck Scars Lymph Sinus Drainage Wrinkles Massage Cupping Therapy Sets

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Red Carpet Ready –This is Actually my third set that I have purchased from this company. They do work very well and the results are visible and that is why I have purchased 3 sets. When friends saw the results the silicone cupping had on my skin, they wanted a set. The facial cupping is very gentle and affective, it minimizes fine lines and promotes the growth of collagen. When used around the sinuous area it relieves congestion.”   – Geri

  • Cups the Professionals Use: Anti Slip Grip raised Grips for Better Hand Control and Proprietary 6570 Silicone Softness with thinner wall for stronger suction with easy squeeze. Wide Edge for Smooth Glide over tissues. Know Your Cups!
  • Your face cupping set includes: (4 Clear Silicone Cups*)2 Face Cup (20mm), *2 Eye/Lip Cup(7mm) Small Travel Bag*Basic Written Instructions by Professional Cupping Instructor. Cupping Cups Designed by US Healthcare Professional . U Used in Spas, Clinics,
  • HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS Always CLEAR Never Colored for high visibility of tissues! High Grade silicone for medical therapeutic treatment and applications. Functionality, durability and dependable Cupping Cups. Built for High Use and Designed to Last.
  • Uses: Cupping reported to Increase blood circulation Reduce fine lines Smooth skin Refine pores Stimulate collagen and elastin Lymph drainage Sinus Drainage Scar Therapy Small Joint Therapy Lip Plumping Brow Lifting TMJ Headaches and Facial Sculpting.
  • TRUSTED international Cupping brand for professionals, spas, schools and more since 2013. Quality cups at an affordable price.  Lifetime replacement guarantee! Add Face Cupping to your Beauty Regimen with your current skin care set.


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CUPPING WAREHOUSE – Cupping for face: Anti-Slip GRIP  4 Face Massage Cup (4 Cup Set) of Clear Silicone Cupping Set. Kit Includes 2 Face Cups, 2 Eye/Lip Cups and Travel Bag. Always Clear..Never Colored for Highest Quality Standards! Ultra Clear cups for great visibility of the tissue.

You can see the color of the tissue through the cup to assist you with your determination of the amount of stagnation in the tissues. Raised Grips help the fingers hold on to the cup better when lubricated and provide better hand control. Wide Edge on the face cup allows the cup to glide smoothly across the tissue while gently skin rolling. The Small Eye-Lip Cup has light suction for delicate areas. Add Facial Cupping to your beauty routine with your current facial skincare system products or in shower for best results. Apply face soap or face oil, lotion, wash on affected area. Squeeze cup for suction.

Used in Spas’s as Non-Surgical Facelifts. The suction with dynamic moving is reported to increase collagen and elastin in the tissues causing plumping and therefore is used to decrease wrinkles and lift the face. The Eye Lip Cup is great for diminishing fine lines around eyes and lips. . Cupping is great for: Lymph Drainage, Collagen Booster, Elastin, Facelift, Anti Wrinkle, Wrinkle Reducer, Reduce Fine Lines, Reduce Wrinkles, Increase Collage, Lighten Skin, Plumping and Lifting, TMJ, Massage Cupping Cups, Medical Massage Cupping, Medical Cupping, Suction Cups, Reduce Pores plus so much more!

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