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Cupping Warehouse GRIP Classic 4 Facial Professional and Home Spa Clear Silicone Massage Set: Written Instructions/Online Video’s- Face/Eye/Lip/Brow cups-Natural Anti-Aging, Reduce Wrinkles, Rejuvenation

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Product Description

When you look in the mirror? What’s looking back? Beautiful, Supple, Tight, Lifted facial Skin or Wrinkles and Cracks reminding you of the Sahara Desert? It’s not too late and it’s never too early! Cupping Warehouse ALL NEW ANTI-SLIP GRIP Facial Cup Set is used at a premium price by professionals in spa’s and now available to you at home. Cupping has been reported to increase Collagen & Elastin which helps with plumping, firming and lifting facial tissue.


  • Your Vacuum Facial Cupping Kit includes: (4 Silicone Cups*)2 Face Cup (20mm), *2 Eye/Lip Cup(7mm) *Written Instructions and Access to Video’s & Tutorials online* Our International Professional Silicone Face & Eye Massage Cupping Therapy Set is favored by many over facial fillers and injections and painful surgeries.
  • #1 Trusted Original Brand: Used by Industry Professionals when maximum results with minimal effort are desired. Designed with high quality silicone tested and approved appropriate for medical therapeutic treatment and applications. High Standards for functionality, durability with Heat Resistance up to 300 degree f. Combining Science with ancient healing forms for an Amazing, Holistic massage tool to promote healthy skin.
  • Ageless Solution to help increase blood circulation, reduce fine lines, smooth skin, refine pores, improves and stimulates collagen and elastin, lymph and fluid drainage, facial contours. Improves efficiency of skincare systems (oil, moisturizer, serum, cleanser). Designed to leave less cupping marks (bruises) than conventional cups and molds to the skin tissue for best results. Tall face cup for gliding and moving. Eye/lip cup with super light suction for suction and release of delicate tissue.
  • WHY BUY CUPPING WAREHOUSE BRAND? Simple. We are an industry expert that sources products to exceed the needs of our clients and our health care providers. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our Business is finding quality products to help with your cupping needs. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

These clear cups have great visibility and strong suction. We specifically chose the clear cups to market for facial cupping as they are our favorite due to the great visibility. You can see the color of the tissue through the cup to assist you with your determination of the amount of stagnation in the tissues.

Use in shower for best results. Apply soap or body lotion on affected area. Squeeze cup for suction. Place on body part and begin gliding the cup over your skin. Used in some Spas’s as Non-Surgical Facelifts as the sucking and moving has been reported to increase collagen in the tissues causing plumping and therefore is used to decrease wrinkles and lift the skin on the face. The Eye Lip Cup is great for diminishing fine lines around eyes and lips.

  • Important Information

    Reported to Plump, Tighten and Lifts Sagging Skin by draining lymph, increasing blood flow, toning muscles and stimulating collagen production. For Anti-Aging, Facelift, Lip Plumping, Reduce Eye Bags and Puffiness.
  • Ingredients
  • Directions
    Best Used in the shower. Apply your facial cleanser and glide the cup following the diagram on our Website. Squeeze and Release following the diagram on our Website. Continue treatment for approx 5 minutes 2-3 days a week.

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