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MMT Cups Supreme 16 DEEP PRO 6065 with Bag (4 Sizes) Sturdy- Myofascial Cupping Set Professional Advanced

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The MMT Cups Supreme Line of Cups have several different lines with different softness levels for varying cupping needs. The Supreme Line of Cups each create different levels of suction.

This is the Deep PRO 6065 Cups which are the original MMT Cups Silicone cups designed for Advanced Healthcare Providers looking for a silicone cup able to produce strong suction for Slow Deep Work. The 6065 is a harder silicone and requires more hand strength, manipulation and experience but is preferred by advanced therapists for the Deep Work. Self Care Users or Beginners should check out our Intermediate PRO 5560 as they are softer and easier to squeeze for learning and for self care.

Our Deep PRO 6065 Cups provide one of the strongest suctions available in silicone cups, but to accomplish this, these cups have a a thick wall and a harder sturdy softness with our proprietary 6065 softness which requires more hand strength for maneuvering and creating suction but creates an unparalleled deep suction.

These cups are preferred by Advanced Experienced Therapists performing Deep Massage Cupping, Sports Cupping, Rehabilitative cupping, Physical Therapy Cupping, Physiotherapy Cupping and used on patients/clients with stronger constitutions.

Many Silicone Cup Manufacturers have similar appearances, but what matters most to therapists and self care users is the quality of the cup. Every user has different preferences which is why we offer more than 1 softness/hardness level. Know Your Cups!

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  • Sturdy, Harder, Rigid Silicone Cups: Not recommended for Beginners. Supreme Deep PRO 6065 is one of the strongest vacuum silicone cups on the market! Designed with thick wall for strong deep suction . Thicker wall requires more hand manipulation but can deliver unparalleled deep suction. Great for Slow Deep Tissue Work. Preferred by Advanced Therapists. Know your Cups! The Supreme Line has 6065 Sturdy Cup for Deep Suction and 5560 Softer Cup for Medium Suction.
  • X-Large (2.75”), 6 Large (2”), 6 Medium (1.5”) 2 Small (1.25”) cups made with High grade clear Silicone with enhanced tissue visibility. Includes MMT Cups Canvas Zipper Bag for easy transportation and storage of cups. Basic Cupping Instructions written by Professional Cupping Instructor Included.
  • MEETING AND EXCEEDING HIGH QUALITY SAFETY STANDARDS with Always clear, never colored cups for high visibility of tissue. NO Byproducts (BPA, Phthalates, Latex, PVC, Plastics). Deep PRO 6065 is the Advanced Treatment set in the Supreme Line Designed for extended use by Experienced Therapists.
  • Used By Professionals and Home Users for Cupping Therapy. (Chinese Medicine Doctors, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Respiratory Therapists, Estheticians, Aestheticians and other licensed medical providers.)
  • If looking for Self Care or Beginner Cups, please check out our Intermediate Pro 5560 Cups.Quality cups at an affordable price. We proudly stand behind all of our products with 100% Damage Replacement Guarantee

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