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Cupping Warehouse Supreme Deep PRO 6065- 6 Cups – (3 Sizes -Does Not Include the X-Large) Professional Clear Silicone Chinese Massage Cupping Therapy Sets



SIZE NAME:  COMBO DEEP 6 (2s,2m,2l)

  • YOUR SUPREME DEEP PRO 6065 (6 Vacuum Cupping Kit) INCLUDES: (Does Not Include XL) 2 Large (3”), 2 Medium (2.4”) and 2 Small (1.8”) accordion style body cups with basic instructions by Professional Cupping Instructor and access to more online.
  • PROFESSIONAL CUPS: Supplying Healthcare Providers for years. Supreme Deep Pro 6065 Cups with High Grade Medical Liquid Silicone Cured with Platinum. Engineered Thick Wall with our proprietary 6065 Softness for one of the strongest silicon suctions.
  • NO COMPROMISES:Cups with Purer, Clearer Greater visibility of Tissue. NO Byproducts (BPA, Phthalates, Plastics) Strong & Durable. Deep PRO 6065 is the Advanced set in the Supreme Line Designed for the Experienced Therapists. KNOW YOUR CUPS!
  • USES: Cupping Therapy Treatment with vacuum or suction cupping cups can be used for decompression and release tissue including fascia adhesions, scar tissue, deep tissue muscle spasms back pain relief and trigger point pain. No Back Massager needed.
  • CHOSEN BRAND FOR:Massage Therapists,Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors, Estheticians, Home Users and MORE! Speed Up Athletic Recovery! Circulation, Anti Inflammation, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Skin firming, Toning.
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UPC: 712038317974            SIZE NAME: 6(2s,2m,2l)

  • •* CUPPING CUPS THE PROFESSIONALS USE. Cupping Warehouse TM has been supplying healthcare providers for years for clinic/spa use and Patient’s Home Use. Our Vacuum Cups are engineered with a PRO 6065  Durometer (measure of softness/harness) for one of the strongest suctions of silicone cupping therapy sets on the market. Our vacuum cups PRO 6065 prevents collapsing of the cup during static cupping and dynamic massage cupping. KNOW YOUR CUPS!
  • YOUR CUPPING SET INCLUDES: SUPREME DEEP PRO 6065 Suction Cups- 6 CUPS- 2 Large (3″), 2 Medium (2.4″), 2 Small (1.8″) accordion style designed face and body cups with basic written instructions by a Professional Cupping Instructor and access to online video’s and tutorials. Ultra Clear Cups for greater visibility of the tissue. Cups are made with High Grade Silcon without the Chemical Irritants and Byproducts (BPA, Phthalates, Plastics) Easy to Clean/Sanitize, Strong & Durable designed to last.
  • * WHAT IS CUPPING? Cupping Therapy creates a vacuum or suction within the cup which can then be used to decompress and release tissue including fascial adhesions, scar tissue, relax smooth muscles in spasm, decrease trigger point pain, decrease cellulite, improve circulation aiding in anti inflammation, myofascial release and myofascial decompression, lymphatic drainage aiding in cellular detox, skin firming, toning, lifting and so much more!
  • Easy to Transport – Portable**Virtually Unbreakable**
  • Suction Amount controlled by the amount of Squeeze
  • We specifically chose the clear supreme suction cups to market as they are our favorite due to the great visibility. You can see the color of the tissue through the cup to assist you with your determination of the amount of stagnation in the tissues.
  • * NO NEED FOR LONG DEEP TISSUE MASSAGES THAT CAUSE SORENESS! Foam Roller and Back Massagers Compress rather than decompress tissues. You deserve better! Athletes, Weekend Warriors and Pain Patients are switching to this 3000 year old treatment to improve athletic performance, speed up athletic recovery, rehab injuries, reshape after weightless, reduce pain from Arthritis, Muscle Spasm, TMJ and more.
  • * CUPPING WAREHOUSE TM: TRUSTED INTERNATIONAL CUPPING THERAPY SETS are the chosen brand by Olympians, Athletic Trainers, Professional and College Sports Teams, Amateur Athletes, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Chinese Medicine, Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers, Estheticians and Home Users.

The Cupping Warehouse SUPREME DEEP PRO 6065 Professional and Home Users suction cups are re-usable accordion shaped suction cups for Chinese Medicine, Modern Massage Cupping and Myofascial Decompression. The cups are squeezed and applied to the skin which creates a vacuum or suction.  Decompression occurs as the tissue is sucked into the cup. Cupping Therapy is used to decompress and release adhesions, scar tissue, relax muscles in spasm, decrease trigger point pain, decrease tissue changes and inflammation following trauma; unblocking Qi, improving circulatory deficiencies resulting in stimulating  fibroblasts which increases collagen. Collagen is found mostly in fibrous tissues such as tendons, ligaments, muscles, and skin which is why the Cupping Warehouse Supreme Style Cupping Therapy cups are highly recommended by healthcare professionals for soft tissue injuries, sprains, strains, spasms, face lifting, tightening, plumping and to help with surgical scars, burn scars and other injury scars.

Width of base of *Width of base of Large Big Body Cup 2 inches *Width of base of Medium Body Cup 1.5 inches *Width of base of Small Cup 1.25 inches.

Use in shower for best results. Apply soap or body lotion on affected area. Squeeze cup for suction. Place on body part and begin gliding the cup over your skin. The Large Cup can be used to move chi or qi to open up energy pathways. It can also be used to help eliminate and reduce pain from muscle spasms and help move lymph from swelling and pooling.

Uses are not limited to: Cellulite Reduction.Reduce Wrinkles.Lymph Drainage. Cupping Vacuum. Cupping Medical. Cupping Therapy Sets, Cupping Kits, Massage Cupping Sets, Cupping Therapy Sets, Chinese Cupping Sets, Massage Cupping, Cups for Cupping, Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tendonitis, Sprains, Strains, IT Band, Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Face Lifting and Plumping, Muscle Spasms, Myofascial Decompression, Adhesions, Scars, Fascia, Scant Edema, Trigger Points, Bursitis, TMJ, Carpal Tunnel, Fibromyalgia, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Stress, Tension,

Important Information

Safety Information
Do not leave on for longer than 1-20 minutes and do not glide over arteries. Not recommended for individuals on blood thinners or anyone who bruises easily. Not Recommended for Pregnant Women. Should not be used on open wounds or skin blemishes. Check with your Physician prior to using.  If you have a condition you are not sure if cupping is appropriate for or have any doubt, check with your physician first. Check with Pediatrician prior to using on children.
Pain Relief , Energy Blockage, Lymphatic Stagnation, Muscle Spasms, Wrinkles, Muscle Tightness, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Elbow Pain, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Back Pain
Squeeze and apply the cups to a problem are and allow to stay in place for up to 1-20 minutes (avoiding arteries), or Use in shower or with natural soap or oil  by squeezing and applying cup then moving the cup while it has suction.

Cleaning and Disinfecting – High Level Disinfection Required. (Bacteria, Mold, Spores, Virus and Trace Amounts of Blood). You can clean your cups with warm soapy water, but to disinfect your cups, Hydrogen Peroxide at 7.5 % Dilution for 30 minute soaking is recommended after cleaning. Household bleach does not provide high level disinfection. (Wear gloves to avoid contact with the hydrogen peroxide) Hydrogen Peroxide is cleared by the CDC as High Level Disinfectant and has shown to be safe for cupping products.

Legal Disclaimer
Do not leave on for longer than 1-20 minutes and do not glide over arteries. Not recommended for individuals on blood thinners or anyone who bruises easily. Not Recommended for Pregnant Women. Should not be used on open wounds or skin blemishes. Check with your Physician prior to using.  If you have a condition you are not sure if cupping is appropriate for or have any doubt, check with your physician first. Check with Pediatrician prior to using on children.

Additional information

Weight .625 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 8 in

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