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Supreme 4 Silicone Cupping Therapy Set

Supreme 4 Cupping Set


  • The easiest way to squeeze each cup

  • Which cup is best used for different type of treatments

  • How to Clean your Cups



Our Cups are offered to Professionals and for Home Use.  What we have found, is that even professionals find it difficult to use the silicone cups easily until they are trained.  This is a technique that is not a western medicine or western health traditional practice and professionals as well as home users are all learning together.  

We can say, however, don't get discouraged before you take a few minutes to learn.  As we have discovered, with a little training, these cups can easily become a favorite.  Cupping has just recently been introduced to the general public and Home Users with much success.  

So let's get started!

When their is tissue adhesions or issues with the tissue, the cup will do one of two things.

  • The cup will pop off especially when trying to glide or move
    • The cup will bog down and become difficult to move

  • The tissue is like a road map for you. When the cup bogs down or pops off, it's an indication that this area needs work. As you work this area, you will notice the cups begins to glide or slide easily without popping off and without bogging down.

Supreme Cup

Below we have a picture of how to squeeze and apply suction using the Supreme  Cups.

One Common mistake Licensed Providers and Home Users make when using these cups for the first time is to place the cup flat on the skin and attempt to push down on the cup.  This does not work, and it is a very uncomfortable pressure on the body.

In the picture above, you will see how we have squeezed both sides of the cup prior to placing the cup anywhere near the body. This expels the air out of the cup so it can achieve strong suction once applied to the body.

Once you become more proficient at applying the cups, you can take the following short cut.  Place the cup on the body. Using the squeeze method above, allow one side of the cup to touch the body. Use both hands to squeeze cup as shown below. Now allow both sides of the cup to touch the body and let go for suction.

The picture above shows how to squeeze the cup for strong suction.  You can control the amount of suction by how thin you squeeze the cup. For half the suction, squeeze the cup half the amount.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  When you first begin using the cups, many times they will either bog down and become difficult to move, or the cup will pop off.  Untrained users will first think that this means the cup is not strong enough.  Trained users know that when this happens, it is usually due to tissue adhesions and indicates that this area needs work.  As you work this area, you will notice the tissue become more pliable and the cup will stop popping off and the cup will glide along this area easier.  The tissue becomes your road map.

Now that you have learned to squeeze your cup and learned which cup to use, make sure you visit the Warnings & Contraindications Page and the Facial Cupping Demonstration page prior to beginning. To view these plus more information visit the Members Area cupping page.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product nor it's instructions or information are intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any illness, metabolic disorder, disease of health problems. If ever in doubt, always check with your physician.


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