Best Cupping Sets for Beginners

Best Cupping Sets for Beginners

Modern Style Best Cupping Sets for Beginners

If you’re new to cupping, there are several different styles of cupping sets available for you to select from. Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to select the set that best suits your needs for the type of cupping your looking to perform. You should choose one based on how much pressure you need to apply and where you plan to use it. A modern style set includes cups with the ability to create suction without requiring fire. These type of sets are ideal for people who want to learn more about cupping for home use, self care or for beginners. You can relax, because we are going to walk your through several different sets and their benefits below.


What is Cupping Therapy?

The modern cups used in cupping therapy are typically made of either glass, silicon, plastic or polycarbonate. They can be approximately 1/2 inch to 4 inches wide in circular or rectangle form. You place the cups on the skin with suction of the area you are wanting to work on and one option is to leave them in place for 1-20 Minutes. We do not recommend leaving in place longer than 1-5 Minutes if you are not professionally trained in cupping and we strongly encourage watching the tissue in the cup to see if they need to be removed sooner. The suction of the tissue in the cup causes blood vessels to dilate which increases microcirculation or blood flow to the area, which helps with an array of tissue issues. This method is used in Traditional as well as Modern Day Cupping Treatments and could be for unblocking and restoring the flow of Qi or Chi (energy), increase circulation, decrease inflammation, fascia and muscle restriction, discomfort, joint pain, release of neurotransmitters, and flushing of trapped cellular waste.

A second option is to lubricate the skin and apply the cup to the skin with slightly less suction to glide the cup across the skin. This technique is used more for fascial warming and remodeling, cellulite reduction, facial cupping, lymphatic drainage and is also very beneficial at helping with general muscle and tissue discomfort.

A third option growing in popularity amongst the Rehabilitative, Strength and Conditioning areas is to apply a cup to the skin with suction and stretch the tissue and muscles with the cups on, actively engage the muscle groups with cups on and to moves the muscle with cups on against restriction.

Best Cupping Sets for Beginners

1. Various Styles. There are various styles of beginner cups to choose from because different cupping sets work in different ways. Some create a vacuum within the cup my means of a pump gun and others by squeezing the cup. The secret to a great cup is a cup that has great suction and isn't hard to achieve and maintain.

2. Durability can be a real issue with cheaper cups as the material can degrade more quickly and the suction can wane over time. To get the most use of you cupping set, you want a set that is made with quality materials and designed to withstand high use.

3. Easy-to-Use Cups are cups you can use on your own. If it is too difficult or a struggle to get your cups on and to stay on, you many not end up using them as much and therefor will not get the most out of them.

4. Inexpensive buy Good Quality. You want your cups to be great quality, but you don't need to pay and arm and a leg for them.


Beginner Cupping Sets to Choose From

The cupping sets from Cupping Warehouse® are made from High Grade Materials. The silicone cups are manufactured with a Liquid Platinum Cured Silicone and High Food Grade Silicone. This is important as this is what allows these cups to be used in Professional and Self Care Settings as they are highly durable and designed for high use and last a really long time.

The Silicone cups are not only made of top grade silicone, but the various shapes and styles are easy to squeeze to create suction. The Grip Cups are bell shaped and have a thick rounded base which allows for a very comfortable and effective glide across the tissue. These cups are great for when you want to quickly create heat by increasing circulation to the area being cupped. Another great style of silicone cups is the Supreme Cups which are mushroom shaped. These cups have a thin rolled edge that is designed to grab and hold on to the tissue allowing these to suction deeper into the tissue for deeper facial and myofascial work.

The Polycarbonate Pump Gun Set from Cupping Warehouse® is made from a Polycarbonate [PC] rather than Polystyrene [PS] . [PC] is reported to be up to 200 times stronger than [PS] plastic meaning they can withstand a lot of pressure and are not prone to cracking. There are times a cup will lose suction and can fall to the floor. With cheap plastic cups, the chance for breakage is very high. Not only are these Polycarbonate cups stronger with less likelihood for breakage, Polycarbonate is also very lightweight, so these cups are great to travel with.

Besides being great quality with durability, these cups are DIY friendly as they are easy-to-use. No need for fire as in Traditional cups, just squeeze and suction the silicone or pump the gun to suction the polycarbonate cups. 


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