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Here you'll find podcast episodes and other resources all about human resiliency, endurance sports, strength and exercise training, Myofascial Decompression, the latest fascial science, and other MSK concepts from your friends at Cup Therapy. Listen to interviews with Dr. Christopher DaPrato and some of the best athletes, clinicians, and researchers in their fields. 









Welcome to episode 137 of The Optimal Body Podcast

The science behind cupping with Dr. Chris Daprato

Is cupping worth the hype? Curious to learn about cupping? Dr. Chris Daprato walks us through the path of his journey to cupping and where his passion stemmed from. Soon after, he discusses his experience with cupping and why pairing movement with cupping changed the game for him. He deciphers the science behind cupping, addressing range of motion, blood circulation, and fascial lubrication. Then, Dr. Chris explains the term ‘fascial decompression,’ and how cupping can pull in fascial slings. Furthermore, he debunks myths around cup coloration, the ultimate goal of cupping, and his best tips on how to perform cupping on yourself. He provides insight on the self-starter cup kit and the difference between heat and non-heat cups. Tune in to learn all about the science and intention behind cupping.