Why Can't I Shower After Cupping?

Why Can't I Shower After Cupping?

Cupping is a form of alternative medicine that involves applying suction cups to various parts of the body. This negative pressure inside the cup lifts the tissue into the cup and is known to increase blood flow, hydrate and moisten fascia and connective tissue which stimulates heat. If the suction is too strong, or is left in one place for too long, blisters can form. This should always be avoided by monitoring the tissue integrity inside the cup. A great reason for why cupping should be performed with clear cups and never colored or cups that can't be seen through. Cupping is used to treat a variety of conditions, including pain relief, stress reduction, detoxification and beauty enhancements like cellulite and cupping facial. The technique works by creating micro-traumas on the skin surface, which stimulates blood flow, increases lymphatic drainage and remodels fascia.
The cups are usually applied to the skin and left on for anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes or applied with light suction and massaged or moved in gliding motion over the skin. In reabilitative cupping therapy, the cups may be applied to the skin with suction and then active engagment of the muscles is used. After a cupping treatment, depending on what type of treatment the patient has, they may feel relaxed and a little lethargic, which will subside rather quickly. However, there are no known long-term side effects associated with safe cupping therapy.

Before A Cupping or Cupping Massage Treatment:

If you're planning on having cupping done, it is a good idea to take these precautions before and after the procedure:
1. Avoid or limit alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine for at least 24 hours prior to the session.
2. Hydrate. Drink plenty of fluids (Water) for 12 hours before the session. Water helps your lymphatic system flush cellular waste from your tissues and the more water available to help the better it works.
3. Eat. Don't eat within an hour of your treatment.
4. Shave. If you need to shave for your treatment, try to shave 24-48 hours before your treatment so your skin will have time to heal prior to your treatment.
5. No Sunburn. If your skin is sunburned, then cupping will not be a comfortable experience, so if your skin is burned, reschedule or postpone your home treatment until the skin is healed.
6. Don't Exfoliate. Don't exfoliate for 24-48 hours prior to cupping treatment as the removal of dead tissue by exfoliating makes the skin more sensitive.

After A Cupping or Cupping Massage Treatment

1. Drink Plenty of fluids (Water). Water aides the lymphatic system to help move cellular waste that has been trapped in your tissues that may have been released during your session.

2. Wear Warm Clothing if necessary. Depending on the cupping session, blood pressure can drop just like from receiving a massage, so you might feel cool after a treatment depending on what type of treatment you received.

3. Rest if needed. Depending on the cupping treatment you received, you may feel tired, relaxed and slightly lethargic. Some may experience mild flu-like symptoms after cupping due to the immune response to the flushing of toxins to your lymphatic system.

Avoid after Cupping or Cupping Massage Treatment:

1. Avoiding Hot Showers, Saunas, hot tubs After Cupping for at least 3 hours is important because the skin could be very sensitive in the areas where the cups were placed and may easily burn if exposed to hot water. Your skin or cupping marks may feel hot. This is because the dilation of capillaries causes heat and the warm sensation. Cold Shower may also irritate skin or sting if the skin is sensative. If the Skin does become irritated, aloe vera and vitamin E are great for helping soothe the skin and reduce redness and swelling. There are many cupping treatments where irritation of the skin is not an issue, but you should always check.

2. Avoid Soap or Shampoo for several hours after cupping. These Chemical products typically contain ingredients that could further irritate your skin after cupping. There are lighter cupping treatments where irritation of the skin is not an issue, but you should always check.

3. Avoid: Caffeine in coffee, tea, colas, chocolate, and energy drinks as well as alcohol, sugar, dairy and processed meats may actually make decrease the body's ability to flush as well from the cupping treatment.

 4. Avoid Intense Exercise: Depending on the cupping treatment you received, you may be tired, lethargic, relaxed or your blood pressure may have dropped, so you may not want to perform an intense workout directly after a cupping session. There are lighter cupping treatments where this may not be an issue, but you should always check.

How to Help the Cupping Marks Go Away Faster:

Depending on the type of cupping treatment you receive or perform, you may have circular cupping marks ranging in color from light pink to red to deep purple. These discolorations will fade. Some marks fade after a couple of hours and others could take as long as two-three weeks to completely disappear.
If you would like the cupping marks to go away faster, drink plenty of fluids (Water), rest and you can try dry brushing to help flush the lymphatic system quicker.
Everyone responds differently to cupping even when you follow all the after care instructions as our bodies all filtrate, and drain at their own pace.
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