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GRIP Curve™ Joint Cups for Dynamic and Light Static Cupping

GRIP Curve™ Joint Cups for Dynamic and Light Static Cupping

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Attention all cupping enthusiasts! We are excited to announce the launch of our latest innovation, the GRIP Curve™ for Joints! 

  • X- Small Curve with Raised Grips (4cm Width Base)
  • Small Curve with Raised Grips (5.5 cm Width Base)

This innovative cup is the newest addition to our Grip Series of cups and is specifically designed to glide over joints with ease. The GRIP Curve™ is designed to provide joint relief  by easily gliding and maintaining better suction over the rounded contours of the joints.

After using it in our Cupping Lab for over 2 years and getting raving reviews from therapists, we are finally bringing this amazing cup to you.

The GRIP Curve™ is available in our Harder Silicone Deep PRO 6570 which is perfect for professionals and advanced work, and also our Softer Silicone Intermediate Pro 5560 is ideal for beginners and therapists working on superficial to intermediate tissue. This is the Deep PRO 6570.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional silicone cupping. The GRIP CURVE™ is an upgraded version of the highly-regarded GRIP Cups, with raised grips for better hand control. But the real game-changer is the slight curve in the base of the cup, which allows for seamless gliding over contoured areas of the body, such as bony prominences and joints.

Get your hands on the GRIP CURVE™ and experience the difference for yourself. It's time to take your therapy to new heights!

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