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Facial & Body 5 GRIP Beginner Personal Sculpting Cupping Set - Intermediate 5560

Facial & Body 5 GRIP Beginner Personal Sculpting Cupping Set - Intermediate 5560

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Choose your Facial & Body Cupping set With or Without oil. Not only does this luxurious oil  provide a slide without slip and formulated not to leave greasy residue, it is also jam packed with Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals & botanicals known for helping to restore and hydrate dry skin, improve skin texture and tone.  We also added two botanicals in this cupping oil which you usually only see in more expensive oil products, but it was that important to us.  What is is?   Evening Primrose Oil & Rosehip Seed Oil.

    Body & Facial Cupping Benefits:
      • Cupping may help lift, sculpt, and define your natural beauty, naturally. Decompress and release tissue to drain lymph and releases muscle tightness. Plump, tighten and lift sagging skin, tone muscles and stimulate collagen and elastin production.
    • What Can I Use Body & Facial Silicone Cupping Cups For?
      • Eye bags, wrinkles, double chin, crows feet, lip plumping, puffiness, neck, scars, increase elastin and collagen, sinus issues. May help decrease discomfort in aching areas, speeds up athletic recovery, helps heal injuries, reduces pain from arthritis and muscle spasms. Improves circulation and decompresses tissue.
    • How Often Should I Do Body Cupping?
      • Body gliding cupping may be used 3-5 minutes per area, 2-3 times a week.
    • Face & Body Cupping Kit Includes:
      • 3 Silicone Anti-Slip Grip Body Cups
        • 1 Large Body Cup
        • 1 Small Body Cup
        • 1 Extra Small Body Cup
      • 2 Facial Cups
        • 1 Face Cup
        • 1 Eye/Lip Cup
      • Written Instructions by Professional Cupping Instructors
      • Access to Videos & Tutorials Online
    • We design quality body and facial cupping products we stand behind. Used by professionals and for personal use. 30-day money-back guarantee, if not satisfied with your results, 1-year limited warranty. FREE SHIPPING!
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    How to lift, sculpt, and define your natural beauty, naturally.

    This Facial & Body Sculpting Cupping Kit May Help With:

    Reducing Cellulite and Smooth Skin Texture

    Finally enjoy access to the same tools used in high end spas for cellulite and uneven skin texture

    Ultimate Facelift!

    Diminish Fine Lines and Wrinkles and Lift  plump saggy skin around eyes, neck, face and lips

    Bloated Stomach and Digestive Issues

    Remodel appearance of abdominal bloating, tissue smoothing & digestion issues

    Muscle Aches and Pains

    Reduce swelling and increase lymph drainage to help relieve joint pain and muscle aches

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    Your Cupping Kit Contains:

    3 Silicone Anti-Slip Grip Body Cups:
    1 Large Body Cup
    1 Small Body Cup
    1 Extra Small Body Cup

    2 Facial Cups:
    1 Face Cup
    1 Eye/Lip Cup

    Basic Cupping Instructions written by Professional Cupping Instructor

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    Legal Disclaimer: Do not leave on for longer than 1-3 minutes without further instruction by a cupping professional and remove sooner if needed. Do not glide over arteries. Not recommended for individuals on blood thinners or anyone who bruises easily. Not Recommended for Pregnant Women. Should not be used on open wounds or skin blemishes. Check with your Physician prior to using. If you have a condition you are not sure if cupping is appropriate for or have any doubt, check with your physician first. Check with Pediatrician prior to using on children.