Cupping Continuing Education Resources

Cupping Warehouse® works with many cupping providers, Instructors and Schools to help with a common goal of Providing  Quality Products in the Marketplace and Quality Education in the Marketplace. With there being little to no regulatory oversight in cupping, the chances for negligence is high. Cupping has been around for a long time and along that roadway, there were times when it faded into the abyss and then resurged. We are experiencing a resurgence now and with all the bio and technological advances in understanding the functions of the human body, cupping therapy is evolving into a much broader spectrum of therapy than ever before. 

How do we protect this amazing treatment and discourage abuse. over assertive or aggressive treatments and negligence? Through LOTS AND LOTS of Education. The further the reach the better. If you love cupping and want to specialize and or become and expert in cupping then we recommend you take as many quality cupping classes as possible. Once you take many Cupping classes from a variety of cupping instructors or programs, you will notice that the classes are so specialized are vastly different and you realize that without the broad spectrum approach to learning about cupping, you may find yourself limited in the knowledge of the different approaches and treatments. 

Make sure you check to ensure the Continuing Education is accepted by your accrediting body of practice. 


Massage Therapy

Myofascial Decompression -


Heartwood Institute -


Athletic Trainers / Physical Therapists/ Occupational Therapists

Myofascial Decompression -


Oriental Medicine

Oriental College Of Medicine -



Myofascial Decompression -


Estheticians/ Aestheticians