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GRIP DEEP PRO 6570- Professional Face and Body Cupping Set -Harder Silicone

GRIP DEEP PRO 6570- Professional Face and Body Cupping Set -Harder Silicone

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Deep Pro 6570 - Anti-Slip Grip Harder Silicone Cups for Smooth Light to Deep Gliding Suction. Not for Beginners. These cups can create deeper suction than many other cups of this same style, but to do this, silicone is harder and requires more hand strength. Preferred by Professional Therapists performing Advanced Cupping Treatments. Beginners Typically do not like these!

  • Advanced Body & Facial Cupping Benefits:
    • Cupping may help lift, sculpt, and define your natural beauty, naturally. Decompress and release tissue to drain lymph and releases muscle tightness. Plump, tighten and lift sagging skin, tone muscles and stimulate collagen and elastin production.
  • What Can I Use Body & Facial Silicone Cupping Cups For?
    • Eye bags, wrinkles, double chin, crows feet, lip plumping, puffiness, neck, scars, increase elastin and collagen, sinus issues. May help decrease discomfort in aching & tight muscle areas, used in sports for athletic recovery and rehab, helps with healing of injuries, reduces pain from arthritis and muscle spasms. Improves circulation and decompresses tissue.
  • How Often Should I Do Body Cupping?
    • Body gliding cupping may be used 3-5 minutes per area, 2-3 times a week for Self Care but for longer durations and frequency for Professionals.
  • Depending on the Kit You Choose Your Grip Cupping  Cupping Kit Includes:
    • Grip 4 Facial- (2 Face & 2 Eye/Lip)
    • Grip 5- 5 Silicone Anti-Slip Grip Face & Body Cups (1Face, 1 Eye/lip, 1XS,1S,1M)
    • Grip 6- 6 Silicone Anti-Slip Grip Body Cups (2L, 2S, 2XS)
    • Grip 8- 8 Silicone Anti-Slip Grip Face & Body Cups (1Face, 1 Eye/lip, 2XS,2S,2M)
      • Written Instructions by Professional Cupping Instructor
    • We design quality body and facial cupping products we stand behind. Used by professionals and for personal use.  Used in Hospitals, Cancer Centers, Rehabs, Clinics, Schools, Sports Teams and for Home Use.


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