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GRIP FACE DEEP PRO 6570 Professional Harder Silicone Cups

GRIP FACE DEEP PRO 6570 Professional Harder Silicone Cups

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 Facial Cupping is all the Buzz in Hollywood, Spas and Homes across the country. Most effective Facial Anti-Aging Treatments are expensive and require re-ordering of products.  Not the case with cupping.  Dramatic Quick Results and you only need to order 1 face cupping set to use with your choice of facial product.

Know your cups!  This is the GRIP Deep Pro 6570 Set which is Harder Silicone great for Professionals but require a little more hand manipulation to squeeze.  If a Beginner or looking for Self Care Cups, then you might want to check out our GRIP Intermediate 5560 Cups which are softer and easier to squeeze but still provide a great suction.  We want you to have a choice.
ANTI SLIP GRIP CUPS. Raised grips provide better hand control. Oftentimes with other cups of a similar design, it is difficult to hold on to the cup after lubrication and fingers can slip off the cup causing the cup to literally shoot across the room.  With feedback from Therapists, we were able to create the Anti Slip Grip cups which had raised nubs which allow for a better grip so you can focus on cupping and not chasing your cups across the room.
Wide rounded smooth edge makes gliding over tissue smoother!
High food grade non-absorbent Silicone for enhanced tissue visibility.

Always Ultra Clear! To Meet or Exceed Cupping Safety Standards, The GRIP Cups are always clear to provide the ultimate view of tissue for tissue monitoring. In the past, cupping products were not as advanced and oftentimes one would have to resort to non-clear or non-see through cups. Clear, Non- Colored Cups are strongly recommended by many of the TOP Professional Cupping Professionals.

NO Byproducts (BPA, Phthalates, Latex, PVC, or Plastics.)

    • Your Face Cupping Kit includes: (2 Clear Silicone Cups*)1 Face Cup (20mm), *1 Eye/Lip Cup(7mm) ,Small Blue Travel Carrying Case *Basic Written Instructions by Professional Cupping Instructor. Cupping Cups Designed by US Healthcare Professional . Used in Spas Clinics and Homes .

    • HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS Always CLEAR Never Colored for high visibility of tissues! 

    • Uses: Increase blood circulation Reduce fine lines Smooth skin Refine pores Stimulate collagen and elastin Lymph drainage Sinus Drainage Scar Therapy Small Joint Therapy Lip Plumping Brow Lifting TMJ Headaches and Facial Sculpting.



Product Description

These clear cups have great visibility and strong suction. We specifically chose the clear cups to market for facial cupping as they are our favorite due to the great visibility of the tissue. You can see the color of the tissue through the cup to assist you with your determination of the amount of stagnation in the tissues.

Use in shower for best results. Apply soap or body lotion on affected area. Squeeze cup for suction. Place on body part and begin gliding the cup over your skin. Used in some Spas's as Non-Surgical Facelifts as the sucking and moving has been reported to increase collagen in the tissues causing plumping and therefore is used to decrease wrinkles and lift the skin on the face. The Eye Lip Cup is great for diminishing fine lines around eyes and lips.

Important Information

Legal Disclaimer
Do not leave on for longer than 3-5 minutes without instruction by cupping professional and do not glide over arteries. Remove cups sooner if needed. Not recommended for individuals on blood thinners or anyone who bruises easily. Not Recommended for Pregnant Women. Should not be used on open wounds or skin blemishes. Check with your Physician prior to using.  If you have a condition you are not sure if cupping is appropriate for or have any doubt, check with your physician first. Check with Pediatrician prior to using on children.


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