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POLY CUPS™ Pump Gun Cupping Set

POLY CUPS™ Pump Gun Cupping Set

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Take Your Cupping Skills to the Next Level
Designed for Professionals, this cupping set boasts a durable polycarbonate construction, ensuring it stands up to rigorous and repeated use. The polycarbonate cups are scientifically engineered to enhance the strength, durability, safety and cup adherence during body movement. No More Cracked Cups!

  • Enhances Your Physical Abilities: Add suction to the body & body movements; improve your overall muscle aches, tension, circulation, & stress reduction.

  • Suitable For Indicated Therapy Treatments: Suction warms through those deep layers, the Polycarbonate Cups make for an excellent deep tissue treatment. 

  • Reduces Therapists Strain: Allows therapists to work with minimal effort

  • Double Adjustable Suction: Removable Silicone Valve enhances adjustable suction with the Pump Gun.

  • Warranty: Cups Don't Break, Silicone Valves Don't Break. We are so confident in our product that we offer a Full Replacement Warranty.

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    Gain the limitless life you always envisioned for yourself and STOP letting pain hold you back!

    This Tension Relief Cupping Kit May Help With:

    Quick Relief, Anytime

    Have a painful spot giving you trouble? Quickly suction on a cup for fast relief. You can even stretch while cupping!

    Speeds Up Recovery

    Speed up recovery after a hard workout, decrease trigger point pain, and muscle spasms

    It's Like Awesome Ancient Magic 

    Increase blood flow to your pain points for increased circulation and decreased swelling

    Muscle Aches and Pains

    Reduce swelling and increase lymph drainage to help relieve joint pain and muscle aches

    Exceptional Durability & Lightweight: Where others crack and break, our Polycarbonate cups stand the test of time. Experience the blend of durability and performance that only Polycarbonate can offer.

    Polycarbonate, a robust material known for its strength and longevity, and yet remarkably thin and lightweight. Brought to market by a Therapist who was frustrated with cup breakage.

    Engineered thin rim enhances adherence during cupping with passive and active engagement.All-

    Clinic-Grade Hygiene: With removable Silicone Valves, we've set a new standard in cupping hygiene. Say no to lurking bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Choose clean, choose Cupping Warehouse. Valves cab be removed so all aspects of. the cup can be disinfected. Also, the silicone valves decrease another breakage issue with many other cups.Multipurpose Health

    Tool: This cupping set provides a wide range of therapeutic benefits used in muscle and joint pain, reducing muscle tightness, aiding rehabilitative therapy, enhancing sports performance and recovery, facilitating cupping massage, promoting lymphatic drainage, aiding in myofascial release, and working in conjunction with neural reeducation. It's a comprehensive wellness companion, tailored for your varied health needs.

    Choice of Professionals: Trusted & Used in hospitals, cancer centers, rehabs, clinics, schools, spas, sports teams and home use.

    Our cupping set is a proven tool in the wellness industry. It's a testament to its superior reliability, efficacy, and performance.Imagine holding in your hands a tool so powerful it could usher in a new era of wellness and athletic performance.

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    Your Cupping Kit Contains:

    20 Varying Size  Clear Polycarbonate  Cups

    Pump Gun to create varying levels of suction

    Extension Tube for Dynamic Gliding & Self Treatment

    Replacement Silicone Valves

    Canvas Style Zipper Travel Case

    Basic Cupping Instructions written by Professional Cupping Instructor